Proudly presenting our new UV450 window film

Exim is pleased to introduce our new UV450 series, made with primary class materials using leading nano technology. The UV450 series combines 100% UV radiation protection and Dyed PET films, comprehensively doubling the protection for you and your family. It is SIRIM tested that our window coating has outstanding characteristic that rejects up to 99% IR and 100% UV radiation.

UV450 Block Blue Light

UV450 Introduction

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UV450 Feature Overview

The new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating series is produced using the latest technology. Its manufacturing process is distinctive, resulting in a product with the following unique features:

UV450 Dyed P.E.T Film is a new product range that protects us against UV radiation and blue light. It is suitable for residential, automotive and building.
Long exposure to the sun will lead to skin and eye damage. Examples: Skin cancer, sun spots, freckles, wrinkles, dermal mocrovascular aging, myopia, glaucoma and eye cataracts.

affect of UV light

Feature 1 - No Adhesive Lines

The production of typical car window coating utilizes glue (BA glue), a sticky, restricting substance. In this window coating manufacturing system, it is difficult to avoid glue "lines" - a consequence of the coating procedure. These glue "lines" unavoidably influences the driver's line of sight and may cause wooziness.


The new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating uses the traditional glue coating process without the presence of complex glue, bringing about an item that has no adhesive "lines" that may influence the driver's line of sight.

Feature 2 - Non Reflective

The new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating uses a three-dimensional innovative technology that scatters ultrafine rare materials onto the PET layer, bringing about high protection with no reflection.

Feature 3 - Stable Insulation Properties

The new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating uses the innovative technology that scatters ultrafine rare substances on the PET layer where it does not interact with acidic and basic materials, hence preserving the material's original characteristic. Car window coating created utilizing this innovation has a steady and relentless insulation feature.

Feature 4 - No Oxidation, No Black or White Borders

Typical car coating will create dark borders or white edges as a consequence of the metal oxidation due to the touch between the metal layer in the coating and moisture.


The seriousness of this issue increases progressively. The protective material of the new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating is bundled inside the PET layer resulting in a separation with air and vapor.


In that capacity, oxidation does not happen and the dark borders or white edges problems won't occur.

Feature 5 - No Communications Signal Disruption

Typical metallized or sputtered car coating incredibly protects or hinders the telecommunication signals. It obstructs the regular daily usage of wireless gadgets.

The new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating uses selectively chosen savvy materials as part of its manufacturing process, not obstructing telecommunication and wireless gadgets signals.

Feature 6 - Does Not Easily Fade or Age

Typically fabricated car window coating effectively blurs and ages, particularly for items with an additional shade (color) in its glue.


With the new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating using licensed innovation combined with practical substances bundled inside the PET layer, the shade of the coating is maintained and won't easily fade.

Feature 7 - No Degumming, No Bubbling

Typical manufacturing process using complex glue, effortlessly degums and has a bubbling impact.

The new 6+2 "hot-melt" car window coating using licensed innovation, without applying the use of glues, has no degumming and bubbling impacts.

Feature 8 - Dyed Pet Film

Polymerization of nano metal oxide into the PET creating a contemporary layering innovation to form the elite window coating delivered.