UV Specification

UV450 Series Specification (Exceeding Expectations)

EXIM UV450 offers 100% UV shielding from wavelength of 10nm-400nm, with an impressive feature that cuts blue light and rejects UV up to wavelength of 470nm.


Our UV shielding and insulation protection licensed coating comes with high heat rejection, and safety & security features, created using first class substances and incorporating the entire window coating benefits.


By utilizing the "hot-melt" innovation, our UV450 series is fully upgraded to solve all regular window coating issues.


The detail in our products is in step for all models so that we may meet the necessity of market and industrial requirements.


Reject and protect up to 95% IR.

Dyed Pet Film

Polymerization of nano metal oxide into the PET creating a contemporary layering innovation to form the elite window coating delivered.


PET without other treatment is made with heat protection characteristic

We use the polymerization of inorganic metal oxide amid the manufacturing of PET, The finished result is a PET with different optical characteristics.


Laminated with inorganic materials to get the best pigmentations

Inorganic color is a non-ferrous metal oxide, having great characteristics in climate resistance, hostile to warmth capacity, dissolvable resistance and shading ability. Organic color is shaded with organic mixes with poor light protection, climate protection and dissolvable protection.


During the production of PET, the optical property of heat protection has been combined in the PET so that the issues of, for example, stick lines and colloidal particles in the layering procedure would be decreased to the most extreme degree.

UV Protection
Reject and protect up to 95% IR.
High Heat Rejection
Boost the characteristic of window coating with T.S.E.R of 65%
Light Transmission
Clear transmission of light through UV450 window coating
Life span
Added life time maintaining its characteristic
Stability of product characteristic resolving basic window coating issues
Dyed Pet Film
Organic pigment is colored with organic mixes with poor light protection, climate protection and dissolvable protection.