About Us

E-XIM’s innovative evolution is built using the progressive accomplishment of Bio Nano-Ceramic and Photochromic Technology consolidation, empowering us to furnish every customer with the best window treatment accessible in the market.


Our customers can rely on our expert recommendation and administration where our consignment of window treatment is adjusted to fit and suit every individual client. Our company policy is to deliver the most recent innovation on window coating to accommodate every customer’s requirements.

Our premium window film, UV450, is imported from USA. The UV450 series is made with primary class materials using leading nano technology. It combines UV radiation protection and Dyed PET films to produce a new high-tech window film. We are the sole distributor in Malaysia.

In contrary to conventional window coating which only has shaded effect and minimal heat rejection, E-XIM premium window films, especially the UV450 films, provide an extensive variety of choices to fit distinctive necessities where it gives a cooler surrounding and a much more pleasant environment without the searing heat. It shields your furniture from color fading or aging. In addition, it also reduces the requirement for mechanical ventilation, e.g. air-conditioning, consequently saving more on client’s utility bills.

You can even lie down comfortably and enjoy the sunlight with E-XIM premium window films helping you keep the scorching heat out.